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  • Vehicle Graphic Application Canvas Print Large By Lone Wolf Design Blenheim NZ

    My partner, Lynne and I started the business initially to diversify from her existing business. We wanted to be in a position where time constraints did not put us under pressure and we could maintain a high level of work.

    Being employed by someone else meant we had to always sacrifice the quality of work because of the pressure of time constraints. Now, we alone manage and control the quality, and if we think more time is required, we go that extra step.

    We wanted to create our own flair for design, and to push the standards up in the work we produced.

    We had so many friends and associates telling us to go out in business that we were finally convinced to take the risk.

    Our client base has developed rapidly with all of our customers coming to us by word of mouth… so we must be doing something right! Our customers though are more than just that, they are part of a network in which we all try to help each other in business and it tends to be more like a big family.

    Good quality and fairly priced work has grown our business and the clients appreciate it enough to onward recommend us to friends and their associates.

    We do not advertise, we work on referrals. Money saved on advertising goes into producing higher quality work instead.

    We are a team of three (Me and Lynne) as well as our good friend Camila, who is a fantastic Photoshop designer and an expert at large digital print application.

    We have a lot of fun doing what we do, no matter how complex or challenging a task is, knowing that our customer will love the finished product makes it all worthwhile!

  • We are absolutely rapt with the new sign. Have had lots of positive feedback from customers and lots of new customers since we put it out. Thanks again for a great job.

    Steve & Michele - Petrolheads Barber, Blenheim NZ